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Lake Champlain chart #'s  

Nautical chart image Extraction

Use official NOAA paper charts for Navigation
Lake Champlain

quickly test the d/l and password process by downloading a 67kb section of 14785 piece
      Note: password is case sensitive wDc-875%3z

double left-click on the password protected image, in this case wdc.exe the small test image
which will launch PKwares PKSFX (self-extracting) menu where you can specify the destination directory which defaults to c:\windows\temp . Select a different drive or directory before continuing. When you're satisfied, click the Extract button
Type in the password, which is case sensitive. The password will be masked by ***'s. When you are done, click the OK button. If the Password screen goes away you typed the correct password, and the image (wdc.png) is sitting in the folder selected (c:\windows\temp)
If the password screen returns, either the password or the case is wrong. Cut and paste can eliminate this issue, though make sure you do not select beyond the password since empty space is not used in any of these passwords
the image is ready for viewing