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Nautical chart images

Use official NOAA paper charts for Navigation
Lake Champlain     digital chart images
Note: Lake Champlain chart images are current edition, 240 dpi, Polyconic Projection, Soundings in Feet

*** (12-1-2017) I will be revising the site. While I still intend to provide a physical distribution to those who need it, the process will probably be different, as such I have removed the CDr option. If you need a physical media, please contact me.
  DL process : d/l zip or self extracting exe , then Purchase the password for the image(s)

$5.00 per image or $12.00 for all 4 (14781, 14782, 14783 & 14784 passwords)

14781 14782 14783 14784 14785
click on any image above to go to the cart to order
please d/l the no-fee 14785 to make sure the charts meet your needs

updated 3/25/06
updated 4/23/06
FREE d/l
Riviere Richelieu to South Hero Island
20th Ed 1:40K
2.04 mb PNG
Save the pw protected
14781.exe 2096kb

to your disk

Prefer a ZIP file ?
pw protected
14781.zip   2028kb
Cumberland Head to Four Brothers Islands
25th Ed 1:40K
1.7 mb PNG
Save the pw protected
14782.exe 1740kb

to your disk

pw protected
14782.zip 1673kb
Four Brothers Islands to Barber Point
20th Ed 1:40K
1.37 mb PNG
Save the pw protected 14783.exe 1424kb
to your disk

pw protected
14783.zip 1356kb
Barber Point to Whitehall
20th Ed 1:40K
1.78 mb PNG
Save the pw protected 14784.exe 1799kb
to your disk

pw protected
14784.zip 1731kb
Burlington Harbor
17th Ed 1:10K
no fee D/L 14785 0.69 mb PNG
Save the pw protected 14785.exe 744kb
to your disk
pass= Champ

pw protected
14785.zip 676kb
*** getting bad referrer error ?
If the password link you receive via email gives you this error, please let me know and I'll send the passwords manually. This is a new error linked to either Win 7 or a firewall setting I have not been able to replicate. You can try pasting the link into your browser. If you get this error, I'll send the pw , if you could tell me your operating system, browser and what firewall or antivirus you run, I might be able to figure the cause. thx - Ed
$12.00 for all 4 (14781, 14782, 14783 & 14784 passwords)


Note: please try the test extraction to make sure you can execute the Windows extractor. If it doesn't work for you, let me know, and after you submit payment, I can send the images via email

If your firewall will not let you d/l an EXE, when the "save to disk" dialog comes up simply rename the file extension to .zip or .txt to download, and rename back to EXE once it is on your system, or d/l the zip file (requires a unzip application such as WinZip evaluation

When you pay for a download, make sure your email address is correct, the password for the self-extracting PKware exe will be sent to that address.

Process :
Once you make a payment you will have about 20 hours to click on the link we email you to get the password. This is now an automated process. If you miss the timeframe to download the password please let us know and we'll send it manually.

*** The password is a simple text message and should make it to your email mailbox within minutes of completing the order process. If you complete the order process and do not receive the email from our domain please let us know and the password will be sent manually

Note: you might want to check your email spam folder to see if it got caught there. But if you do not have the passwords in your email within 5 minutes of completing the order, please send email and it will be sent manually.

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NOS site for critical corrections https://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/mcd/updates/LNM_NM.html

NOS site for Date of Latest http://www.charts.noaa.gov/MCD/Dole.shtml

14785 can be used to learn the process and view the product before paying for a chart

quickly test the d/l and password process by downloading a 67kb section of 14785 piece
Note: password wDc-875%3z is case sensitive

Image extraction Tutorial

it is recommended that interested users verify their system and image viewers can manage large images. You can take any 4-bit raster image such as the 640 x 480 image below and resize it in your image editor to 6400 x 9000. Be aware, when an image is large, a PNG file often loads much faster in an image editor than a GIF.

Also read our FAQ section for hints on viewing and printing.

View a 640 x 480 piece of a 240 dpi GIF image or as a PNG

Please be sure to read our License Agreement for these images.

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